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Dress Up!-Dress Down!: Video-screening of the first Kop-Art clothing collection at 2002. Three young girls wore the collection from awakening to a new day till the time they prepare themselves for the night of the city. Style of expression of the video-screening was ultimately trashy...

U Make Me Look Good: An art performance ‘made in’ a special house party at July 2002. Four artists experienced Kop-Art clothing while they were being photographed. The show was accompanied by a video-art fashion performance realized simultaneously .

Kop-Art BURDA: A p(art)y performance at October 12th 2002 realized by Kop-Art crew at the club Uniq. Personal clothing design, video-art, live VJ show, slight show, electronic and electro-live music were presented interactively. Kop-Art invited its audience/receivers to an active dialogue based on the motto of this event ‘Hello Where Are You’ .

Do We Have To Separate Dream From Reality: A p(art)y realized at December 19th 2002 at Wasp Club. Dream/Reality rooms installation, fashion design, live-styling, live VJ performance+photo-shooting, video-art, slight show and electronic music went into the orbits of the concept. The visitors were either well-rested on the huge plush bed while watching Kop-Art home movies and slight-show at the dream section or they danced with the supreme electro tunes played by Disc Jockey Ari..

Breakfast @SoHo: Kop-Art’s ‘Breakfast@ SoHo’ happening was realized at January 23rd 2003 at SoHo/Beyoğlu. Kop-Art questioned the concept of ‘trend’ and how it is determined by having a breakfast with four designer-artists beginning at midnight! At some point, waiter served the garments which was the new fashion collection and ironically called as ‘Fashism’. Thus, the vibe was quite surreal and Dada.. Electronic music and a live multi-media show accompanied the performance as usual. Kop-Art shared its art manifesto with the audience for the first time. .


Perform Against War Perform Against War (PAW): During the first days of interference of U.S.A. to Iraq, Kop-Art became one of the collaborators of an event called Dance Against War and reframed it as ‘Perform Against War’ Six models dressed with long simple white dresses. They attached the patches to the invitees specially designed with PAW logo for the night. The most prominent 10 DJs of Turkey including Murat Uncuoğlu, U.F.U.K. Disc Jockey Ari, Cervus, DZA, and Michael Parenti with its live multi-media show were the other collaborators of the night..

Everyhing Goes 2 Trash: The project was a fashion-art installation presented at Tunel Art Festival realized at June 2004. Two pieces of t-shirts, jeans and ‘a ballroom skirt for men’ were designed by using transfer print technique out of the collages from the legendary Turkish fanzine Mondo Trasho. The process of designing filmed and a short movie out of it shown through a 13 inch B-W monitor added to a mannequin as her head as a part of the installation. Everything Goes to Trash as a performance aimed to give some clues concerning the production of street art while attracting the attention of modern consumers to confront with the concepts of ‘trash’ and ‘worthless’ utilizing fashion!

Kop-Art 4 Nothing proudly presented the ‘Divine Trash P(art)y and it CREATED the so called ‘trashy experience’ with a little help from Netcopy center, collaborative artists and the participants of the event who came and bring their beautiful vibes to Dogzstar at the night of 26/03/2005. Salutes to John Waters and magnificent Divine have been saluted through the installations both at the street and the club. The bedroom designed specifically for the basement of the club became the evidence of Kop-Art’s Dream-it!

Kop-art realized a huge Ozalid collage installation at Fine Arts Museum under this concept at the Interior Design Awards of Art+Décor Magazine at June 2005. Visitors interpreted whole event as the embrace of the modern with the history. Besides the installation, Kop-Art crew designed paper dresses for four mannequins, styled the waitresses in a Roman way adding some industrial accessories on their outfits. Dj Bang! accompanied the awards ceremony with her supreme electro tunes.

Kop-Art is Me! On September 2005, through an art project that aimed to introduce Scandinavian artists to Turkish ones, Kop-Art made a spontaneous street art installation. ‘Everything Goes to Trash’ was projected on the hand- painted blueprint piece realized on a wood platform. It was a step to be taken towards the north horizon.. .

As a multifaceted event, Neoper4mans is based on Enis Batur’s ‘Siyah Borsa’ (Black Market) article. By transforming the concept of the text to a live platform, Kop-Art exhibited its attitude towards (the process of) commodification of artwork. Neoper4mans is realized at the opening of State of Sabotage (SoS) İstanbul embassy where the first ‘art marriage’ among two Neoplast members (Adam Gommorrie and Heart Diktator) happenned. This historical and prominent wedding ceremony is enriched by the custom made fetish garments designed for Neoplast members, flyers and stickers of the day, collage tableau, MoKa (re-dressed) and Kop-Art’s neo-artistic flirt medium ‘Neoper4mans Stamp Collection’.


Üst-Baş (Dress Up!-Dress Down!):
Fashion Design/Gamze Fidan
Video-Art/Gamze Fidan, Avni Ertepe

U Make Me Look Good
Fashion Design/Gamze Fidan
Video-Art Fashion Performance/Michael Parenti

Fashion Design/Gamze Fidan
Video-Art/Gamze Fidan, Avni Ertepe, Ozan Adam
Live VJ show/Michael Parenti
Slight Show/Gül Kleidocat, Esat C. Başak
DJ set/Disc Jockey Ariw
A live Electronic Music/Sami Baruh

Do We Have To Separate Dream From Reality
Installation/Gamze Fidan, Michael Parenti, İz Öztat
Fashion Design/Gamze Fidan
Live Styling/M. Butterfly
Live VJ Show/Michael Parenti
Video-Art/Gamze Fidan, Avni Ertepe
Slight Show/Neslihan Sarıkaya
DJ set/ Disc Jockey Ari

Breakfast Table Installation/İz Öztat
Fashion Design/Gamze Fidan, Michael Parenti
Live VJ Show/Michael Parenti

Herşey Çöpe Gider (Everything Goes 2 Trash)
Installation/Gamze Fidan
Fashion Design/Gamze Fidan, Zeynep Turuthan

Divine Trash P(art)y
Installation/ Gamze Fidan, Zeynep Turuthan, Cansu Aybar, Esat C. Başak, Banu Yüce
Fashion Design/Gamze Fidan, Zeynep Turuthan, Cansu Aybar
Video-Art/ Michael Parenti, Bengü Karaduman
DJ set/Deniz Pınar, Bang

Art is Anything
Installation/Gamze Fidan, Michael Parenti, Cansu Aybar
Fashion Design for the personnel/Gamze Fidan

Kop-Art is Me!
Installation/Gamze Fidan, Cansu Aybar

Installation/ Gamze Fidan, Zeynep Turuthan, Cansu Aybar
Music/ Neoplast
Live VJ performance/ Todd Thille